Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

Natural History Museum of Venice Giancarlo Ligabue

New: discover Audiopen at Venice Natural Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is enriched with a new support device for a simple and intuitive visit. The Musei Civici di Venezia in collaboration with Coopculture-Socioculturale offers the museum visitors the new use of the Audiopen, an audio guide that aims to totally innovate our tour experience.

Through a simple map and an “audio pen” the visitor can actively interact with the museum exhibition, discovering the content and choosing what to listen to. The Audiopen interacts with invisible coded areas on the map: just point on the icon, which is prepared to trigger the audio commentary associated with it. It is a flexible tool that responds to the different needs of interest and regarding the content, it structured according to the time available to the visitor.

The audio commentaries are available in Italian, English and French; the language selection is done by simply pointing the icon of the corresponding flag and the setting is activated instantly. Just a few simple actions are required to have a pleasant visiting experience: focus, listen and discover.

This extreme ease of use, however, joins a great versatility being able to implement more than one hundred hours of content and create maps and routes to explore in a different way the Museum. You can create fun routs for children, thematic tours, guides to temporary exhibitions and much more. The Audiopen is now part of the projects of the Natural History Museum that aims to make the museum more accessible and welcoming to audiences with different needs and abilities. The Audiopen, is an exclusive audio guide created by Sycomore, and is certified at European level and has been chosen by important Italian and foreign realities.

The new audio guide is available in Italian, English and French, at the ticket office of the Museum of Natural History at the cost of 3,50 €.

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