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THE LAGOON. Ideas for the Park 2014


THE LAGOON: ideas for the Park
Exhibition of the Competition Projects

From April 15 to May 18, 2014
Natural History Museum, Venice

The Istituzione Parco della Laguna (Lagoon Park Institution) is organising a competition for infant, primary and secondary schools in the province of Venice for the purpose of raising awareness about the area of the lagoon, and encouraging children to learn why it is important to defend this heritage while at the same time collecting ideas from them for sustainable use of the area.

In this edition, participants are invited to suggest their own ideas for the Park’s activities: for welcoming visitors, encouraging coexistence between residents and their environment, promoting the landscape and its ‘natural’ inhabitants and, finally, for publicising the Park itself.

At the end of the didacticprogramme, which includes aseries of creative workshops, the classes will present their projects, which will goon display in the Museum; this event will also be an opportunity to involve local citizens and participate in the section dedicated to the Venice Lagoon, which will be opening soon.