Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

Natural History Museum of Venice Giancarlo Ligabue

BAT DAY 2012

A day dedicated to bats

Natural History Museum, April 14th 2012

2012 has been proclaimed the International Bat Year with the aim of making people aware of the importance of these animals for the environment and for the need to protect them.

To this end, the Museum is organising an event dedicated to discovering these mammals, well-known masters of flying in the dark. There will be many initiatives arranged for the day: alongside a series of scientific educational events regarding the characteristics of bats and their presence in the country, there will also be workshops and games for children and teenagers. Experts will be on hand to satisfy the most varied forms of curiosity. This event will be followed by other initiatives, including one in August (date to be indicated on the website): a night-time expedition to find bats in their own environment.


In collaboration with: Servizio Educazione Ambientale, Ufficio Tutela degli Animali del Comune di Venezia. Biosphaera s.c.
Coordination: Mauro Bon, Raffaella Trabucco, Margherita Fusco