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BIG MARINE ANIMALS. Sharks, turtles and cetaceans Day

Big marine animals Day

Sharks, turtles and cetaceans Day

April 13th 2013
Natural History Museum of Venice


The Natural History Museum of Venice houses important exhibits of large marine animals which are very popular but hard to observe in local seas. Among these are the recently assembled and fascinating skeletons of a fin whale and of a sperm whale, together with those of numerous sharks from the recently restored historic collections.

The marine biology collections have also been joined by two rare examples of turtles that were recently beached on the local coast: a large leatherback sea turtle and a young green sea turtle.

The study of these reptiles has provided new data for the project monitoring turtles in the Adriatic, on which the scientific staff has been working for several years.

In order to promote these finds, the Natural History Museum of Venice is organising a day-long event dedicated to the great inhabitants of the sea, with conferences and workshops for families.



At 10.30 e 15.30 – CONFERENCES (in italian):

Luca Mizzan (Natural History Museum)
I grandi abitanti del mare al Museo di Storia Naturale
Maddalena Jahoda (Istituto Tethys onlus)
Le balene della porta accanto

Nicola Novarini (Natural History Museum)
Le tartarughe marine: presenze discrete del nostro mare
Eleonora de Sabata (MedSharks)
Hai visto uno squalo? Dai giganti ai piccoli squali, la scienza fatta dai cittadini

At 10.30-12.00 15.30-17.00 – WORKSHOPS (in Italian):
Il viaggio delle tartarughe marine
Lagunottera: una balena in museo
For children from 7 to 11 years old
Conducted byCooperativa Limosa

At 10.15, 11.30, 15.00, 16.15 – WORKSHOPS (in Italian):
Attenti … ai denti
For children from 4 to 6 years old, with their parents
Conducted by Marco Carrino, Silvia Silvan

At 10.00-18.00 – THE EXPERT SAYS:
Experienced staff will be available to meet the public’s curiosity on recognition, habits of life and protection projects related to sharks, sea turtles and cetaceans.

On the occasion of this day, the Museum hosts the exhibition “Sharklife“, carried out as a research project and conservation of sharks and rays.
The exhibition is open until April 28th when the Museum is open and the access is with the museum ticket; free access only during this event on April 13th.
Discover more on the exhibition “Sharklife” >>>


Conferences are free, as the exhibition “Sharklife” (only on the occasion of this day).
Workshops are only upon reservation, until all available seats will be occupied. To participate to the workshops the entrance ticket to the Museum is needed (free entrance for citizens and residents in the City of Venice, upon presentation of the ID). To book workshops call 041.2750206.