Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

Natural History Museum of Venice Giancarlo Ligabue



From May 26th to June 10th 2012

MUS-E (MUSIQUE EUROPE) is a European multicultural project dedicated to children that seeks, through artistic experiences, to counter isolation and social difficulties in schools. Art becomes the medium and school for supportive cohabitation favouring expressiveness and the promotion of differences. For three classes, the “AnimaLaMacchia” project began in the Museum’s rooms. Just like forms of life in a “primitive soup”, so patches come to life amidst the chaos of colours on sheets of drawing paper, from which soon spring eyelashes, peduncles and proper limbs, the result of millennia of evolution and adaptation to various environments.

With the assistance of a musician, visual artist and actor, these “aesthetic embryos” evolve into characters seeking a story to which is added music and which is illustrated and performed by the children. The concluding moment of the project will also take place in the Museum: an exhibition of the projects and an “open class” during which, through play, the world of world of relationships between children opens up to adults.


In collaboration with: MUS-E Italia Onlus
Coordination: Luca Mizzan, Margherita Fusco, Barbara Favaretto