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Scientific publications of the Natural History Museum

Bollettini del Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia

Since 1927, a few years after its foundation, the Museum publishes an annual volume, the Bulletin of the Natural History Museum of Venice, and other more divulgative volumes (Supplements and Quaderni).

The index of books published by the Museum until 1999, listed in alphabetical and chronological order of authors, is collected in the volume n. 6 of the Quaderni.

The Bulletin publish new works in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish with the approval of the editorial staff. Articles must be written according to specific guidelines.

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These periodical scientific publications have several purposes:

Illustrate the activities of the Museum, its scientific heritage and the increase of the collections;

Raise awareness of the research activities conducted by the staff and other reserarches done in collaboration with the Museum;

Disseminate guides and teaching materials.

Finally, in order to encourage the exchange of scientific publications between similar institutions, the Museum publications are distributed free of charge, with the formula of the exchange, to more than 600 museums and scientific institutions, both Italian and international.